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  • Quiet precision
  • Panoramic view

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Dive into thrills

With its unforgettable charisma, the ACH130 helicopter strikes the perfect balance between power and elegance.

From the very first moment you meet the ACH130, its combination of sleek design and reliability promise you an unforgettable journey. The latest evolution of the Fenestron® tail rotor enhances not only its dynamic appearance, but also guarantees endurance and a head-turning arrival.

As a design statement, the ACH130 embodies simplicity. Fluid lines give it a dynamic and contemporary profile: a powerful look accentuated by light and glass.

Proven engineering and technology


The ACH130 comes from a pedigreed clan. Beneath its sleek exterior, the powerful Arriel 2D engine awaits, boasting 10% more power and reduced fuel consumption. Perfect to propel passengers with a surge of exhilarating force, awakening every sense to the joys of flight. 

  • 952 shp at take off

  • 4h00min max endurance

  • 130 kts Max cruise speed

A fresh and elegant atmosphere


The ACH130 embodies an unmatched fusion of style and functionality, setting a new benchmark for luxury in the skies. With its Stylence® by ACH interior, the helicopter captures the essence of modern sophistication. The meticulous attention to detail is evident in the cabin's design, from the exquisite treatment of punched and smooth leather to the carefully considered finishing touches.

ACH130 Aston Martin

Your helicopter, your special world


Designed to be an extension of your lifestyle, the ACH130 helicopter invites you to customise your journey, whether you prefer a predefined setting or tailor your cabin to your specific aspirations. 

Looking for a dynamic, yet stylish attitude? The ACH Line range, inspired by sports cars design, is what you are looking for. We are also proud to partner with Aston Martin for a very special edition and a unique craftsmanship.


Effortless piloting yet exhilarating


The ACH130 stands at the forefront of helicopter technology, integrating advanced features for exceptional performance and reliability. With its state-of-the-art Fenestron® tail rotor for quieter, subdued operations, and auto-variable speed control for smoother flights, the ACH130 exemplifies your flying experience. 

Its cockpit is a demonstration to modern aviation technology, offering pilots intuitive controls and passengers a journey bathed in comfort and luxury.

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