• Serenity settles in at 4,000 feet
  • Exceptional power reserves
  • Balance of performance and comfort

Enjoy the ACH135's sporty performance

Embrace the adventure

Elevate your transportation with the ACH135's dynamic prowess, where sporty performance meets cutting-edge technology, getting you there with time to spare.

Its robust twin turboshaft engines and advanced avionics ensure you cut through the skies with unmatched agility and speed, turning every journey into a seamless glide above the clouds. Precision, control, and efficiency are at the heart of every flight with your ACH135 helicopter.

Powerful, reliable, comfortable


ACH135 helicopter, ascending effortlessly to 4,000 feet, showcases unequalled performance through its enhanced power and state-of-the-art avionics. Its twin turboshaft engines and advanced Helionix flight deck, designed for precise control and safety, push the boundaries of agility and reliability i

  • 3h36 min max endurance

  • Up to 6 passengers

  • 136 kts Max cruise speed


Natural elegance and refined atmosphere


Experience serenity and elegance in the exquisitely designed interior cabin of ACH135. From the finely hand-sewn upholstery in the finest leather to precise trimmings and sophisticated finishes, every detail receives attention.

Let yourself be seduced by the large windows that offer exceptional visibility, enhancing connection with the outside world, while you relax in comfortable seats.


Create your very own cabin


More than a mode of transport, your helicopter is an extension of you. From finishes and fabrics to colours and options, our dedicated team is ready to guide you through selecting unparalleled features and premium materials for your ACH135, ensuring your flight experience is as unique as your style.

Whether you prefer to choose a predefined setting or tailor your cabin to your very own requirements, ACH has the right solution for you.


Elevate to excellence and innovation


ACH135 helicopter offers you top reliability, personalised assistance and exceptional performance. It offers the best in class payload and sets the industry standards for precision and control.

Designed with safety in mind, the latest Helionix flight deck features advanced intuitive software, a synthetic vision system and 4-axis automatic pilot with complete envelope protection.

This marvel is a leader in the skies. The opportunity to extend this legacy only awaits you.

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