Cabin solutions

As you fly away, comfort is essential. Let your creativity soar and tailor your helicopter to suit your lifestyle, desires and habits.

Helicopter woman

Bring your vision to life

Maximise the ACH experience by customising your helicopter to the highest level of details. 

Inject your values and personality in your aircraft’s design. Pick the interior cabin line that matches your lifestyle from a range of refined harmonies, or design it fully by yourself with our bespoke team. Select the colours, the fabrics and high-end materials to combine them with sleek designs.

Our customisation team will bring your vision to life through their unique craftsmanship experience.


ACH Line

Choose your ambiance

Looking for a light and efficient design? 

Pick the clean lines and spare style of our ACH Line offering. Choose your favourite ambiance within a range of refined harmonies and tailor your interior cabin to make it fully yours.

ACH130 Aston Martin

ACH Edition

Special editions

We regularly partner with high-end brands and designers to provide you with unique design experiences for your interior cabin. 

Ranging from Mercedes Benz Style and Aston Martin to designs by the world renowned designer Harrison Eidsgaard, access a portfolio of exceptional opportunities of customisation for your helicopter.


ACH Exclusive

Upgrade your aircraft

Aspiring to fly in the highest standards of refinement, luxury and comfort? 

Update your standard aircraft thanks to the elegant lines of the ACH Exclusive offering. Choose the ambiance matching your lifestyle and inject your personality in every detail of your favourite harmony. Upbring your cabin interior’s customisation to the highest level.

ACH175 interior

ACH Bespoke

Unlock your creativity

In search for the ultimate bespoke experience

Free yourself from defined harmonies and tailor your own interior cabin from scratch with our customisation team by your side. Choose every detail of your aircraft, from fabric to materials up to the colour of every stitching in the pieces of furniture. Let your creativity and personality shine through your interior cabin atmosphere.