• Versatile landing
  • Over 8 possible layouts
  • Exceptional comfort

Ultimate expression of dynamism

Elevate your senses

ACH145 offers more than transportation. It's an adventure combining power, style, and emotion for unsurpassed flight thrills. 

Its signature design, from bold transparencies to fluid lines, sets the stage for excitement, while the interior provides a luxury heaven for up to 9 passengers. Breaking free from the ordinary, it promises comfort, elegance, and high performance with a robust engine reaching speeds up to 137 knots.

Experience true freedom in flight


ACH145 stands as a testament to unrivaled performance, blending agility, power, and efficiency. With the latest Helionix flight deck, ACH145 introduces advanced intuitive software and a four-axis automatic pilot, ensuring precise control and reliability across all flight conditions.

  • 3h59min max endurance

  • Up to 8 passengers

  • 137 kts Max cruise speed


Your sanctuary in motion


ACH145 is a masterpiece of design, where every inch is meticulously crafted to offer an experience of sophistication and style. The signature Fenestron tail rotor not only enhances its sleek silhouette but also contributes to a quieter, more serene flight. Inside, every seam, every square inch of leather, and every fine detail receives the same level of attention.

Enjoy memorable moments in the ACH145


Designed to accomodate up to 8 passengers, the ACH145 will lead you to new adventures with comfort and elegance.


Your vision, your style, your ACH145


With over 8 possible layouts to meet your unique demands, the ACH145 Line is a realm of tailored elegance. Designed to be customisable, its cabin can be adapted to reflect your style and suit your requirements. 

Looking for an energetic aesthetic? We invite you to discover the ACH145 Mercedes-Benz Style interior, offering the perfect balance of sporty and modern style. 


Not just bigger, better


ACH145 advanced technology ensures a more intelligent and ergonomic Human-Machine

Interface. This isn’t just a helicopter of unprecedented craftsmanship and design, ACH145 is the response for those who restlessly seek more. 

With the incorporation of a synthetic vision system, pilots gain a clearer understanding of their environment, making every journey with your ACH145 unforgettable.

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