• Personalised elegance
  • Supreme craftsmanship
  • Advanced technology

ACH most modern interpretation

Emotion & Performance

Step aboard the ACH160 helicopter and begin your exceptional journey. With every detail meticulously crafted, this aircraft promises more than a means of transportation. It is the promise of adventure.

ACH160 represents an impressive combination of power and beauty, a balance between elegance and superior performance. Perfect for escaping city traffic or enjoying a spontaneous getaway, it reveals unrivalled comfort inside.

Superior speed and agility


ACH160 illustrates ultra-modern aviation excellence. Its Helionix® deck ensures reliability and control, redefining luxury travel with superior speed and agility. Engineered for exceptional performance, it takes you to your next destination seamlessly.

  • 68 new patents calling innovation

  • 4h30 min max endurance

  • 155 kts Max cruise speed


Beyond beauty, a game changer


With ACH160, the interior is a destination in itself. Airbus designers worked closely to create a timeless and sophisticated interior that holds your attention. Blending luxury with technology, ACH160 features fine leather and handcrafted wood veneers for an extra touch of elegance.

Step inside your own private interior


Both its custom made cabin interior and its picture windows will provide you with a unique, breathtaking and intimate flight experience.


Add your signature touch


Make the ACH160 your home by adapting its cabin to your needs, desires and habits. Get in touch with our team and find the perfect combination, whether you prefer to choose from a range of pre-configured ambiances (line, lounge, exclusive) or tailor a fully custom-made interior.

Vibrant colours, premium materials, high-end features: we ensure you every detail reflects your style.


A masterpiece of simplicity


Designed with reliability in mind, the latest Helionix® flight deck gives your pilot control, and you the confidence of a perfect flight for family and guests. This innovative approach extends to its cabin, where cutting-edge technology ensures an exceptional onboard experience, blending luxury with innovation. 

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Specifications, technical data, features: discover all the information you need to know about the ACH160.

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