• Technological excellence
  • Phenomenal range and speed
  • Sensory experience

The ultimate expression of dynamism

Power & Luxury

Beyond a simple mode of transportation, ACH175 is an exhilarating adventure that transcends the ordinary. 

Enjoy the extended possibilities, enabled by a helicopter built to perform. Encapsulating contemporary luxury, this helicopter promises a dynamic journey where every moment is infused with excitement. The whisper-quiet ride hides powerful performances, offering an experience where you can do business or entertain in your own time and space, undisturbed.

A surge of power


The ACH175 redefines performance with extensive capabilities. Its outstanding range and fast cruise speeds get you from one place to another with efficiency. Explore the high seas and hidden escapes with no limits. The horizon is your canvas.

  • 6h03 min max endurance

  • 151 kts Max cruise speed


Your living room in the sky


Sit back, relax and enjoy the most serene cabin. Inside your ACH175 helicopter, aesthetics meet ergonomics with large windows, touch screens and selected finishes. With its lounge-like proportions, it’s an indulgent private space that’s perfect for working, entertaining or relaxing between engagements.

Share your ultimate flying experience


Share your ultimate flying experience 


Give your helicopter an exclusive finish


Offering wide spaces, the ACH175 helicopter makes customisation a pleasure

Whether you prefer choosing a pre-configured interior ambiance or create your own tailor-made cabin down to the smallest detail, our bespoke team is on hand to guide you through the most flattering combinations.


Powerful tools at your command


Designed for ultimate reliability and intuitive control, ACH175 embarks on cutting-edge technologies. The latest Helionix flight deck features advanced intuitive software, a synthetic vision system and 4-axis automatic pilot with complete envelope protection.

Integrated seamlessly, these gems of innovation and design bring you the most

advanced flying experience.

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