Fort Erie, ON, 24 June 2024

Chartright Air Group, a leading provider of private aviation services in Canada, has taken delivery of Canada’s first corporate ACH160. The helicopter will enter into service immediately, as the first to be delivered in North America.

"We are excited to be the first private aviation company in Canada to operate the ACH160 for our owner and charter clients," said Graham Nierop, Director of Sales at Chartright. "With its advanced technology, performance, and high passenger capacity, the ACH160 is set to redefine helicopter charters in the GTA and across Canada." The helicopter will be available for charter later this summer.

Known for its cutting-edge technology, exceptional performance, and versatile design equipped to handle multiple missions, the ACH160 is poised to transform the private aviation sector across Canada. 

The ACH160 is the premium version of the H160 which was certified by Transport Canada in December 2023. 

“This delivery is a landmark moment in Canada for Airbus Helicopters,” said Dwayne Charette, President of Airbus Helicopters in Canada. “The ACH160’s innovative features and superior performance set a new benchmark for the industry in terms of safety, comfort, and efficiency, and we are excited to see the positive impact. We look forward to seeing many more ACH160 helicopters flying in the skies above Canada, as well as H160s serving various mission segments in the country.”

The ACH160 is equipped with Airbus Helicopters’ Helionix suite, providing superior safety and reduced pilot workload. The helicopter features sound-reducing Blue Edge rotor blades for quieter operations. It is powered by two of the latest Arrano engines from Safran Helicopter Engines that offer a 18% reduction in fuel burn. Passengers will also appreciate flying more comfortably with a spacious cabin, a smooth ride, and larger windows, creating the brightest cabin in its class and external visibility that benefits both passengers and pilots. The full ACH helicopter range consists of the ACH125, ACH130, ACH135, ACH145, ACH160 and ACH175 variants of Airbus Helicopters’ comprehensive and market-leading family of light and medium models. A range of premium-design aircraft completions, including bespoke designs, is available for all models.

Chartright Air Group offers a comprehensive suite of services including Private Jet Charter, Aircraft Management, FBO Operations, Aircraft Leasing, and Maintenance. Known for its commitment to safety, customer service, and operational excellence, Chartright continues to set industry standards in the Canadian aviation sector.

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